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Our Aim

Connect, Inspire, Motivate, Network

  • Connect

    We encourage young Kenyans to unite together in order for them to establish a real link in order to work for a brighter future.

  • Inspire

    Fill young Kenyans with the urge or ability to do better, in whatever it may be that they’re passionate about.

  • Motivate

    Provide young Kenyans with a reason and purpose for doing something extraordinary that is successful.

  • Network

    A system where young Kenyans can interconnect with each other & help each other accomplish greatness.

Our Event!

A chance to connect with other young motivated Kenyans like yourself.

Have you ever been to an event where you leave feeling encouraged, inspired and motivated? At Kesho Bora we offer this as well as providing opportunities for ambitious, open-minded, young Kenyans to integrate, network and communicate with delicious Kenyan food.

Why Kesho Bora Started

As three young Kenyans who have grown up in the UK,  we believe it is important for us to connect, network, motivate and inspire each other. We know that there is a large community of like-minded young Kenyans in the UK and have found Kesho Bora The Event an effective way for us to connect. From attending events such as the Rugby Sevens, we have witnessed, enjoyed and been consumed by the vibrant atmosphere realised by young Kenyans and we aim to deliver a similar atmosphere. We see Kesho Bora as a way to aid and develop Kenya into a better tomorrow. As the youth of Kenya, we are effectively the future of Kenya and  for that reason it is important for us to unite. You may be aware of the situation in Kenya and by us coming together and uniting we aim to put the best interest of Kenya ahead of us in an attempt to create a better tomorrow and a better future for Kenya.